Overlord Museum

Standard terms & Conditons of sale


These Terms and Conditions apply to orders and deliveries of Goods by the seller SAS Colleville-Musée/Overlord Museum to the Buyer. Placing an order implies the formal and irrevocable acceptance of terms and conditions below.


Goods shall be ordered from the website www.overlordmuseum.com.
Multipack goods cannot be sold separately.


Pictures shown on the website are not contractual and are provided for information only.


All prices are inclusive of V.A.T. Invoices will be drawn up according to prices and conditions applicable at the time of ordering. Shipping costs will be payable by the Buyer.  

Terms of payment 

Payments will be made by card (secure payment E-transactions Crédit Agricole).
Bank charges resulting from unpaid invoices will be charged accordingly to the Buyer.

Transport and lead times 

Deliveries are made by our selected carrier(s) and will be invoiced according to the price list which we have established. In any case, transport and delivery are at the risk of the Buyer and usual checks should be made upon delivery, in the presence of the carrier. These include the number of boxes and the condition of goods. In the event of late delivery, loss or breakage during transport, it is the Buyer's responsibility to express his reservations to the carrier upon delivery and to make a claim against the carrier before the statutory deadline. No claim will be accepted without the defects being mentioned on the carrier's consignment note.
Delivery times are given for information, without any commitment on our part and possible delays do not entitle the buyer to cancel the sale, refuse goods or claim damages.


Any claim relating to visible defects or non-compliance should be made in writing by the buyer within 72 hours of receipt of the goods.
The buyer must provide justification of the observed defects and anomalies.
The buyer must give SAS Colleville-Museum / Museum Overlord every facility to record defects and remedy them. Before returning goods, the buyer must obtain a written agreement from SAS Colleville-Museum / Museum Overlord.
Any return accepted by the seller will lead to the issuing of a credit note.
No settlement will be made in cash, but can be made in kind when the Buyer has not chosen the credit note option.


SAS Colleville-Musée/Overlord Museum cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences on a person or property of faulty equipment or goods sold by the seller, subject to legal provisions.
No compensation can be claimed against the seller.

Guaranty is only applicable to equipment or goods paid in full.
Guaranty is strictly limited to the repair or exchange of defective goods with the same or the equivalent equipment, and can in no case result in the extension of the warranty's duration. 
Faulty goods will be estimated by SAS Colleville-Musée/Overlord Museum. 
Shipping and packaging costs for sending goods to be exchanged will be borne by the buyer.
Under no circumstance does the guaranty cover damage due to normal wear and tear.
Guaranty does not apply when the damage is due to misuse by the buyer including negligence, inappropriate care or storage and inappropriate handling or use.
The warranty is strictly subject to full compliance with instructions for use and safety information.


The ownership of goods will be transferred only once full payment has been made by the buyer.

Exclusive jurisdiction 

In the event of a dispute, the tribunal of commerce of CAEN (Normandy) will be the sole competent court, regardless of conditions of sale and method of payment, and even in the case of a claim under warranty or with multiple defendants. 

The rights and obligations of all parties are exclusively governed by FRENCH LAW.