Overlord Museum

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Michel Leloup

Michel Leloup, a forestry developer and sawyer in the South of Normandy, used wrecks from the Battle of Normandy and surplus equipment of the Allied armies for skidding and transporting wood; this was used for the post-war reconstruction of Normandy.


1971 - Michel Le loup

Michel Leloup found in a sawmill in Normandy, a German half-track, identical to the model he had used for work after the war. This was the beginning of a collection that he completed over 40 years.


1987 -  Fromagerie Falaise

Part of his collection was exhibited in a former cheese factory in Falaise ; nothing at the time related to the encirclement of the 7th German Army and the end of the Battle of Normandy.


2008 - Terrains Omaha

Acquisition of land at Omaha Beach; the aim was to keep the collection in Normandy, where it originated from and show a great part of it to the general public.


2010 - Terrassement

Excavation works and servicing of the plot of land with a view to build a museum specially designed and dedicated to the collection. Pilot study of the Overlord Museum.


2012 - Construction Overlord

Construction of the Overlord Museum Omaha Beach consisting of 1 400 sqm of exhibition surface.

With its specially designed layout, created to honour the players of the time, the sober and mineral building, institutional in its appearance, perfectly fits in its environment and follows the nature of the terrain.
Surrounded by greenery, historical elements are displayed outdoors in tribute to the liberators (authentic tanks from different regiments who fought in the Battle of Normandy, a marker of Liberty's Way, and the flags of the nations which participated in the Battle).

The Overlord Museum's endeavours to be a place of remembrance, of preservation for historical and technical heritage, solemn and conducive for reflection.

2012 - Construction Overlord2

2012 - Construction Overlord3


2013 - Ouverture

Opening of the Overlord Museum on 5th June 2013, with the presence of veterans. The inauguration by the civil and military authorities was held on 20th June 2013.

2013 - Ouverture2

2013 - Ouverture3


2014- 70 ème anniversaire

70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.
Visit of veterans. Gathering of different types of tanks which took part in the Battle.
Presence of the tank "Fury" which featured in the eponymous movie starring Brad Pitt, on the 2nd US Armored Division.


2015 - 2ème anniversaire Overlord

2nd Anniversary of the museum's opening on 5th June 2015 and 71st Anniversary of D-Day : For the occasion, the Overlord Museum welcomed 18 actors from the American series "Band of Brothers", and many veterans during a gala evening. Proceeds collected during the evening (around 1000 participants), were donated in full to the World War II Fundation whose work is to promote remembrance and support veterans.

2015 - 2ème anniversaire Overlord2

2015 - 2ème anniversaire Overlord3