Close to the D-Day American Landing Beach of Omaha Beach and right in front of the roundabout leading to the American Cemetery of Colleville sur Mer, is a building of mineral and sober aspect, blending in perfectly with its environment: Overlord Museum - Omaha Beach.
This museum, whose origin is in the common interest of two men, Michel and Nicolas Leloup, retraces, through a collection assembled over 50 years, the period from the Allied Landings to the Liberation of Paris.

Tanks, cannons, a Bailey Bridge...

Upon arrival, the visitor is immediately struck by the outdoor exhibits. Tanks, cannons, a Bailey Bridge, and a Liberty marker are on display as a taste of a unique and authentic collection. Inside the museum, the visitor discovers the rest of the Leloup collection.

The exhibition covers nearly 24,200 sq ft. 10,000 extraordinary items, including 40 vehicles, tanks and cannons, most of which were found in Normandy, are displayed in scenes that are as striking as they are breathtaking, plunging the visitor into the heart of history. 

A museum like no other on the coast […]. The chronological civil and military scenes reconstructed with breathtaking realism, are as many threads that take us for witness. The soundtracks restore those of this painful period, and complete your immersion in the heart of history […] The staging is thought-provoking, especially in these troubled times. One is subjugated by the intelligence of men, by so much savoir-faire and technology…

Le Petit Futé


Magnificent museum with impeccable and realistic scenographies. The portrait gallery at the exit is just poignant and superb. This museum is a must-see.

Valérie Toupet, February 2022 (Google review)


Impressive !

Matthieu Ducruix, April 2022 (Google review)


One of the best D-Day museums you will find. Their collection is in such good condition that you almost wonder if this war ended only a few years ago […] Finally, the staff is very pleasant and will welcome you with a smile.

The official dragondoors, July 2022 (Google review)


Key Dates

Michel Leloup, a forestry developer and sawyer in the South of Normandy, used wrecks from the Battle of Normandy and surplus equipment of Allied armies to transport wood used for the reconstruction of Normandy.

In a sawmill in Normandy Michel Leloup found a German half-track, identical to the one he used to work with after the war. This was the beginning of a collection that he completed over 40 years.

Part of the collection was displayed in an old cheese factory in Falaise ; there was nothing at the time that related the encirclement of the 7th German Army and the end of the Battle of Normandy.

Acquisition of land at Omaha Beach. The objective is to keep the collection in Normandy and to display most of it to a large public.

Excavation works and land servicing in order to build a museum specially designed and dedicated to the collection. Realization of preliminary designs for the Overlord Museum.

Construction of the Overlord Museum – Omaha Beach with 15,000 sq. ft of exhibition space. Designed with an adapted museography and intended to pay tribute to the protagonists of the time, Overlord Museum – Omaha Beach wants to be a place of memory, of the preservation of the historical and technical heritage and a solemn place of reflection.

Opening of the Overlord Museum on June 5, in the presence of veterans. The official inauguration by civil and military authorities took place on June 20.

70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. Visit of Veterans. Gathering of various types of tanks which took part in the battle, including the « Fury » tank featured in the eponymous movie starring Brad Pitt, on the 2nd US Armored Division.

On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the museum and the 71st anniversary of D-Day, the Overlord Museum welcomed 18 actors of the American TV series Band of Brothers, and many veterans for a gala evening. All proceeds from the event were donated to the World War II Foundation whose aim is to promote remembrance and support veterans.

The Overlord Museum – Omaha Beach celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy landings. From June 5 to June 10, in partnership with the « Musée des Blindées de Saumur », several dozen vehicles, including heavy tanks and light tracked vehicles, were on display on the Museum’s outdoor show ground.

During the commemorations of June 6, the Overlord Museum – Omaha Beach received the Best Defense Foundation who came with 35 American veterans

Overlord Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary on June 5, 2023 during the third Edition of the Overlord Military Events.

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